Helping mums find their new place in the world and learn how to shine again.

Flourishing Mums

Motherhood brings with it  so much joy and satisfaction, but also a great many changes to how we see ourselves fit in the world. Some of our personality sometimes feels lost to being 'mum'. Juggling this role on top of all the other roles we hold in life, and trying to do them all well, can be a real challenge. Our Flourishing Mums program works with you to rediscover who you are and to make sure you still have the time and space to flourish.

Is this for me?

If you find yourself struggling with your identity now that you're a mum, or constantly worrying about how you can be a good mum whilst pursuing your career, or feeling like being a stay at home mum isn't fulfilling you enough, then our flourishing mums program can help you.

What to expect

Following our 15 minute consult I will send you a suite of handpicked assessments that will form the basis of where our coaching begins. They will let me know where the biggest areas of concern are and what changes will have the greatest impact. It will also provide an indication of where things are at for you now, so that we can measure improvement over time.

Each session will run for between 60 and 90 minutes either at my office in Gregory Hills (young children welcome) or over skype or phone, and we will have 4 sessions all up, spread over approximately 3-4 months. The first session will be about determining what you want out of your life in the next few years. From here we can explore what smaller goals will best help you achieve your these long-term objectives and how we can overcome any barriers to realising those goals.

Your Coach - Carlie Richards

I am a registered psychologist specialising in positive psychology and increasing well-being. I am passionate about helping people be the best version of themselves, helping them reach the greatest heights imaginable. And as a mum to two young boys myself, I understand the unique set of challenges that arises when children come into the picture. My coaching method is based on the latest scientific research and I use tools that have proven validity to help foster positive changes.

What's included:

The 3-4 program includes:

4 x 60-90 individual sessions

Custom designed suite of assessments

Email check-ins between sessions

Total investment of $780 split over 4 monthly payments of $195

What now?

Click on the link below to book in a free, no-obligation 15 minute consultation where we can discuss what you hope to get out of the program and if we are a good fit.