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We work with a number of different psychometric tools to address all your assessment needs. We will work with you to design a custom solution, whether that be for a recruitment campaign, team development initiative, or leadership development.

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Employee wellbeing is about much more than massages and yoga classes. Flourishing employees need to experience positive emotion, feel engaged in their work, have meaningful relationships, and feel a  sense of purpose and accomplishment. We can assess where your business is at on each of these factors and develop a solution to improve any shortfalls.

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Ensuring you have the right people, with the right skills, in the right jobs is one of the most important factors to organisational success. We will work with you to determine where the needs are and will then implement the solution. Possible solutions include job and/or training analyses, workforce analysis, capability assessment and framework design.


Coming from a Positive Psychology perspective, our aim is always to increase wellbeing and to help people flourish. From an organisational viewpoint, we target initiatives at the organisational level that promote employee flourishing. Because if your employees are being the best of themselves, you have the best of your employees.

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